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: All kits include durable stair cover and weatherstripping. All kits easily install in minutes with no tools.

30x54 Kit Now Available

Includes stair cover and weatherstrip
(no insulation)

Durable energy sealing cover and weatherstripping - our basic kit seals your attic stairs stopping drafts and energy loss.

22x54 GOOD Stair Cover Kit:

25x54 GOOD Stair Cover Kit:


Includes stair cover and reflective shield
(same as Best Kit without fiberglass)

Reflective Aluminum Shield slips over stair cover and seals insulation. It also provides a reflective surface that saves energy and reflects away heat. The Reflective Aluminum Shield blocks up to 97% of radiant heat!

22x54 BETTER Stair Cover Kit:

25x54 BETTER Stair Cover Kit:

Includes stair cover, reflective shield, and our R-50 "Ultimate" insulation kit
(Picture shown above)

Maximize the benefits by insulating your stair cover!

Includes everything you need to quickly and easily seal and insulate your stairs.

This is our most popular kit.
Highest insulation of ANY kit available Fastest and easiest installation - NO TOOLS! Add insulation on the sides, or leave off for clearance between trusses. We are the ORIGINAL and the BEST Preferred by Contractors.


save $30.00 on our BEST kit
(limited time offer)

22x54 BEST Stair Cover Kit:

25x54 BEST Stair Cover Kit:


  • The Battic Door Attic Stair Cover is made from recycled materials!

  • The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover includes everything needed to immediately reduce drafts, air leakage and wasted energy!

  • The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover kit is quickly and easily installed in minutes with no tools required! Just quickly assemble the Battic© Door, install the weatherstripping on the top of the stairway frame, and place the Battic© Door over the stairway opening!

  • The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover instantly creates a sealed, insulating dead-air space nearly 18" deep between the Battic© Door insulating cover and the folding attic stairway door!

  • The Battic© Door R-50 insulation kit (the highest R-Value of any kit available!) installs in seconds and restores the insulation removed to install your folding attic stairs! Or add your own insulation to your desired levels!

  • The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover can be covered with sheetrock (gypsum board). This can maintain the fire rating of your ceiling.

  • The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover is available in 2 sizes to fit 22" to 22-1/2" x 54" and 25" to 25-1/2" x 54" rough openings.

  • The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover is 13-1/2" deep to fit virtually any attic stairway without any modifications to the attic floor or existing structure!

  • The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover was recently awarded United States Patent No. 5,623,795!

  • Save Heating and Cooling $$$!


  • RAPID PAYBACK (months - not years)!!

  • The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover folds flat for low-cost shipping and compact storage!

  • The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover reduces problems with moisture, noise, dust, and the entry of pollutants, insects, and rodents from the attic through the drop-down attic stairway door!

  • The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover reduces air leakage that carries moisture into your attic space where it can create tremendous moisture problems including mold, rot and decay!

  • The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover reduces the risk of ice dams! (see Frequently Asked Questions for further information about ice dams!).

  • The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover Works Year-Round in Summer HEAT and Winter COLD!

  • The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover increases comfort of your home by reducing drafts!

  • The 2000 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC™) -- currently adopted by more than 20 states, requires that "all penetrations in the building envelope between conditioned and unconditioned space or outside the building must be sealed with durable caulking materials or closed with gasketing materials (see IECC Sections 502.1.4.2 and 602.1.10)!

  • Battic© Door Attic Stair Covers is proud to support local sheltered workshops that provide dignified and meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

  • The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover is a "Green" product made from recycled materials!

  • Attic Access Solutions For The New Energy Code

    Download the New Energy Code & Building Code Requirements for Attic Access

    Made in USA

    Battic Door was profiled by Builder magazine at the 2013 NAHB International Builders Show

    Battic Door was profiled on DIY Channel's Your Best Built Home

    The only stair cover kit available that meets the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) - used in all 50 states and most jurisdictions!


    And only WE have it!

    2009 IECC Section 402.2.3 and 2009 IRC Section N1102.2.3 reads: "Access hatches and doors. Access doors from conditioned spaces to unconditioned spaces (e.g., attics and crawl spaces) shall be weatherstripped and insulated to a level equivalent to the insulation on the surrounding surfaces. "