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Realty Times
Want a Winter Windfall? by Diane Benson Harrington

Investigate the fireplace. Any birds' nests in the chimney? Is the flue well sealed? Repair any loose mortar and replace the chimney cap, especially if you have trees nearby that might give small animals access to the chimney. Did the previous homeowners clean the fireplace thoroughly? Always keep the damper closed when there's no fire, and consider adding an inflatable fireplace draft stopper, like the one manufactured by Battic Door. They're easy to insert and remove, and keep warm air in and cool air out.
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We could all agree that home heating costs are going straight up.  Which is why keeping that expensive warm air inside is very important.  When chimney's are not in use that expensive heat is escaping straight up them.
  One would think closing the damper would be enough to keep cold air out and warm air in, but not necessarily so.
A solution to this problem is the fireplace plug.  It is like a plastic inflatable plug for your chimney.
To install it, you partially inflate it with the breathing tube...
...then slip it up into the top of the firebox...
...and lock it in place.
Finally, finish inflating the plug and tuck the tube out of sight.

Some heating experts claim that an unlit fireplace with a damper open can increase heating costs by as much as 30 percent. Now that could add up to $500 over the course of a season.

Well, here's a solution that's relatively inexpensive, easy to install and pretty much invisible.