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The top energy-saving home improvements

By Laura A. Bruce

According to a recent study (Source: Portland General Electric), our Fireplace Draftstopper is one of the top energy saving home improvements you can make!
The pillow stops air leakage up chimney, and has a ROI (return on investment) of 91% the first year! Not only will you receive an immediate return on your investment, but it will continue to pay for itself over and over each year you use it!

According to the Portland General Electric study, adding a Fireplace Draftstopper is one of the things you can do to save energy that cost a little, but not a huge amount of money.
You don't have to break the bank to make serious gains in saving energy. A relatively small investment can reap big dividends. 

Fireplace pillow — An open fireplace can be a giant energy waster. Today you can purchase a plastic, inflatable “pillow” that inserts into the chimney to stop heat from escaping. You blow it up (usually just by mouth) and it is easily removable when you want to build a fire. Find out more by contacting your local fireplace dealer or search online for the nearest vendor.

AMAZING!! The energy bill at John Bristol’s Chevy Chase home fell by $722 over seven months after he installed a pair of $55 Battic Door Fireplace Plugs!

As Featured on Good Morning America - Fireplace DraftStopper

Battic Door was profiled by Builder magazine at the 2013 NAHB International Builders Show

Battic Door was profiled on DIY Channel's Your Best Built Home


We could all agree that home heating costs are going straight up.  Which is why keeping that expensive warm air inside is very important.  When chimney's are not in use that expensive heat is escaping straight up them.
  One would think closing the damper would be enough to keep cold air out and warm air in, but not necessarily so.
A solution to this problem is the fireplace plug.  It is like a plastic inflatable pillow for your chimney.
To install it, you partially inflate it with the breathing tube...
...then slip it up into the top of the firebox...
...and lock it in place.
Finally, finish inflating the plug and tuck the tube out of sight.

Some heating experts claim that an unlit fireplace with a damper open can increase heating costs by as much as 30 percent. Now that could add up to $500 over the course of a season.

Well, here's a solution that's relatively inexpensive, easy to install and pretty much invisible.